LaserShow Xpress

Professional laser show software

Enter a higher realm of show creation capability with LSX. Full procedural frame generation,
analog-synthesized 3D abstracts, unlimited layered animation effects, and much much more.


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    Brief Feature List:
    • Full-featured frame creation and frame animation tools (plus ILD SOS included)
    • Timeline-based organization with 130 tracks per timeline controller for frames and effects
    • Real-time frame recolorization with unlimited colorization algorithms
    • Live touchscreen control panel for live shows with (Basic+) MIDI parameter control
    • DMX (EasyLase) and TTL (RIYA) control
    • Built-in frame editor for fast frame creation and editing
    • Supports most popular Laser DAC controllers: RIYA, EasyLase, Netlase, EzAudDac, Moncha, Fiesta, Lumax, Mamba, QM32, QM2000( in testing )
    • Show export controls with encryption and detailed access privilege settings (Basic,Pro)
    • Full copy and paste capability across shows and timelines
    • Module, Script, and true-color ILDA export for sharing and flexibility
    • Sophisticated mathematical animation and frame creation capability
    • Over 125 fixes and upgrades from LDS

    Version Feature












    1 Scanner, 1 Target world, 1 Optimization parameter set


    2 Scanners, 8 Target worlds per scanner, 4 Optimization parameter sets per scanner, MIDI control input, MIDI keyboard view, Quick Runtext Messages, Export show encryption options, external PicEdit, Save animator presets


    8 Scanners, 32 Target worlds per scanner, 32 Optimization parameters per scanner, MIDI and DMX control input MIDI keyboard view, Quick runtext messages, edit old LDS shows, Full export show encryption options with user locking, 3D pong minigame, External Picedit, Save animator presets




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