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Convert webcam, raster, and video to laser

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Nautilus Integration is proud to announce a new level of live laser interaction technology that has been in development for some time, called LaserCam. LaserCam allows you to project live webcam and other video feeds in real time through your laser projector. This technology taps into a video source such as a webcam or capture card connected device and, using your laser projector, projects a laser image that is representative of what your webcam or camera sees. This is not your ordinary low-resolution raster scanning technique nor yesteryear's jagged-edge video processing. The images are smoothly vectorized in real time and can be scanned at a fluid 30FPS rate on ordinary 30k galvos.

With LaserCam you will be able to use your laser projector in an entirely new way - to display high quality live vector representation of a video feed during a show or concert. In a club, you can capture and display anonymized vector video of dancers that are on your dance floor in real time on your laser projection screen! You will also be able to use LaserCam to capture and record frame sequences for use in shows that do not involve a live video feed. With LaserCam Pro, you can capture areas of your desktop directly for video conversion and image conversion, all with live laser output and ILDA recording.


  • Display real-time laser video from a camera source
  • Export ILDA 0,1,2,5
  • Centerline Tracing (Pro only)
  • Interactive Colorization (ripple)
  • Image-based colorization
  • Intensity shading (Pro only)
  • Capture webcam or other video input to ILDA file for use in showsCapture from desktop area, any common video format, still images, youtube (Pro only)
  • Firewire camera (DCAM/IIDC standard)
  • Real-time preview on screen and with laser
  • Supports all API-enabled DACs: EtherDream, RIYA, EasyLase, Moncha (QM2000 and Fiesta, Controllers Pro version), Mamba, Lumax (Laserworld), OLSD, Helios, LaserDock, and LaserCube.

Suggested System Requirements for full processing:

  • Webcam, kinect, 1394 video, or similar video input device, or use desktop capture with Pro 
  • Dual Core 2GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM (For recording)

Suggested System Requirements for low CPU mode processing:

  • Webcam or similar video input device or desktop capture for Pro
  • Single Core 1.8GHz Celeron processor or better
  • 1GB RAM (For recording)
  • Dual core processor required for kinect 3D processing.

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Convert webcam, raster, and video to laser

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