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LaserShow Xpress (LSX)


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Enter a higher realm of show creation capability with LSX. Full procedural frame generation,analog-synthesized 3D abstracts, unlimited layered animation effects, and much much more.  The Basic version is currently on sale $10 off!

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  LSX, built on and greatly improved from Laser Design Studio (LDS), LSX is famous for its powerful features and user friendly timeline-based graphical user interface. Almost anything can be done with LSX using its fast real-time laser optimization kernel operating behind the scenes. Multi-layered, multi-track frame effects, multi-projector interface, live and/or pre-programmed music and time code synchronization, target beams, sophisticated abstracts, live laser raster video, countdown clock, touch screen live control interface, triggered events, scripting, sophisticated 3D equation editing, and much more. With LSX you can save time and money by previewing your shows on-screen with a photorealistic openGL simulation window. Combined with ILD SOS, you can import images and animations from well known software packages such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, Inkscape, and more. Live input from MIDI control surfaces, keyboards, DMX, software sliders, and more allow you to modify and create your shows live to the music.


Choose a USB dongle for easy computer transferrability.



  • Multitrack lasershow control with timeline-based editing allows control of multiple projectors
    Live touch-screen lasershow control also with OSC and MIDI control surface input
    Unlimited 3D animation effects: create your own or use the hundreds of built-in combinations.
    Output to multiple laser projectors, TTL devices, and DMX-512 devices (DMX cable not included, optional)

Frame/Animation creation capability:

  • Easily create 2D and 3D frames and multilayer/multipart animations using the built-in frame editor
  • Leverage common vector graphics packages and images from the web using Illustrator and Inkscape to create brilliant laser frames and animation through the included vector and raster graphic conversion tools
  • Access hundreds of frames from dozens of included shows to speed show creation for your job
  • Instantly create laser text using built-in fonts or TTF fonts on your system
  • Bend your audience's mind with stunning analog-simulating abstract generation and procedural scripted real-time abstract creation
  • Utilize true color output or palette-based output for logo matching and precise frame colorization
  • Scriptable frame creation

Show creation capability:

  • Quickly learn the basics with tutorials and context-based help included
  • Easily align laser output events to music with LSX's music timing visualization pane, supporting MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and more
  • Sophisticated show creation environment allows easy effects transitions, scripting, and multi-layer animation for maximum impact
  • Instant feedback to changes you make while creating the show allows you to place and animate the effects just as you had envisioned
  • Access dozens of example animation sequences or create your own and save them in a library for future use
  • Animate frames and sequences dynamically with pre-set and live effectors - control at your fingrtips
  • Photo-realistic OpenGL accelerated preview window with movie record capability - preview shows with ease and impress your clients with preview video
  • Exclusive high performance scripting engine enables fully scripted frame generation and dynamic manipulation of show material

Live show capability:

  • Control your laser projector(s) to live music with button-based live touchscreen synchronization control panel
  • Full OSC control of every aspect of animation - control laser shows with hardware control surfaces and even your pad
  • Dynamically adjust animation speed and effect sequences to the beat
  • Use live audio sources and spectrum analysis capability to create hands-free dynamic effects
  • Timeline-based live sequence creation - creating a live show is as easy as creating a pre-programmed show.

Additional features:

  • Supported DACs: EtherDream, RIYA, Moncha,, Fiesta, Easylase, Netlase, LDS, OLSD, QM2K, Lumax, Mamba, LaserDock, LaserCube
  • Color mapping: Allows color, blanking, and mixing levels to be set independent of shows.
  • Color linearity adjustment: Allows you to acheive the optimal white balance with your laser projector at any brightness.
  • Camera and audience protection regions assist in creating a safe show environment
  • Automatically schedule shows and show playlists with LSX's Play List Editor and Autoplayer.
  • Interactive user community and chat to help get you going and increase productivity through assistance and effects swapping
  • Over 50 playable, editable shows included
  • External time code synchronization: Sync to MIDI time code (MTC) and external SMPTE via MTC converter
  • TTL and DMX control via external hardware
  • Multithreaded processing engine for smooth playback and low CPU usage
  • ILDA file import and export supported
  • Upgrades to Basic and Pro versions available


Version Feature Breakdown:


   1 Scanner, 1 Target world, 1 Optimization parameter set
   2 Scanners, 8 Target worlds per scanner, 4 Optimization parameter sets per scanner, MIDI control input, MIDI keyboard view, Quick Runtext Messages, Export show encryption options, external PicEdit, Save animator presets
   8 Scanners, 32 Target worlds per scanner, 32 Optimization parameters per scanner, MIDI and DMX control input MIDI keyboard view, Quick runtext messages, edit old LDS shows, Full export show encryption options with user locking, 3D pong minigame, External Picedit, Save animator presets

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LaserShow Xpress (LSX)

LaserShow Xpress (LSX)

Enter a higher realm of show creation capability with LSX. Full procedural frame generation,analog-synthesized 3D abstracts, unlimited layered animation effects, and much much more.  The Basic version is currently on sale $10 off!

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